Your Impact

Your fundraising for the Park2Park fun run, will enhance community healthcare now and for future generations to come.

Your fundraising efforts will power innovative medical equipment, boost health promotion initiatives, and drive local research and innovation. Together, we'll make a tangible difference in ensuring the best possible healthcare for our community.

Over the past 12 months, the generosity and support of people just like you has ensured the following vital funding:

Health Promotion

West Moreton, Care at the End of Life Collaborative
This program was established in 2018 to develop and execute a shared action plan that addresses gaps in capacity and capability to provide quality care at the end of life.

The long term goal is to
develop the West Moreton region in to a compassionate community, building the community’s capacity to care for people approaching the end of life.


Research & Innovation

Research simulation equipment    
Simulation equipment allows a safe learning environment that allows researchers and practitioners to test new clinical processes and enhance individual and team skills before touching patients.

Regina & Vicky Doig Scholarship
This important scholarship funds cancer research in the region, for the benefit of our local Ipswich and West Moreton Community.

Enhancing patient and support persons’ care

VR goggles

To distract children as they go through their treatment in paediatrics

Children’s Activity Packs 
To support and distract some of our smallest patients with long hours in the hospital

Gatton Community Garden
A team of volunteers created a wonderful space for Gatton patients to rest in whilst going through treatment.

Overnight recliner chairs

For people to stay close to their loved ones as they undergo treatment

Innovative medical equipment

Phototherapy light
This treatment supports babies in our neonatal unit who are born with jaundice. Babies who are born with jaundice have too much bilirubin in their bodies, which makes their skin and eyes look yellow. Blue UV light therapy helps babies get rid of  the bilirubin so it doesn’t become harmful to them.

Neonatal ventilator
Neonatal ventilation is an important part of the care delivered in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Immature lungs and underdeveloped breathing require extremely gentle ventilation and advanced technology. This equipment supports the premature infant’s respiratory system without inducing damage to the lung or the brain.