Important Info


First aid support will be provided on course and first aid will be available at the finish area on the Bill Paterson Oval.

If you require first aid attention on the course, please report to your closest course marshal, SES volunteer or water station.


We recommend car-pooling to the event where possible to decrease congestion around the event precinct.

Limited parking is available in the car park off Quarry Street, Ipswich as well as in the surrounding streets for the duration of the event.

Disabled parking is located near the AFL building, Limestone Park and is reserved for Disabled parking permit holders only

Please refer to the course map which shows area where NO parking is allowed.

Please be aware: QLD road rules apply when choosing a parking space around the event precinct. E.g. Do not park over driveways etc


The following roads are fully or partially closed between 6am-10am:

  • Park Street
  • Milford Street
  • Alexander Munroe
  • Avenue Goleby
  • Avenue Burley
  • Griffin Drive
  • Griffith Road
  • Police control at Salisbury Rd and Briggs Road


There are 5 water stations located each KM around the course hosted by local secondary schools and local organisations. Chanting and cheering, these enthusiastic teams hydrate and encourage participants.


Toilets are located along the Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park course at the 2KM, 3KM & 4.5KM points. Toilets are also located in the carpark of the Bill Paterson Oval, behind the blue building at the carpark end of Bill Paterson Oval & next to the cricket pitch.


Course officials are located at strategic points along the 5KM course. SES personnel & Traffic Management staff will also be in attendance.


Clothing items/belongings (no valuables) can be left in the baggage area which is located in the Athletics Building at the car park end of the Bill Paterson Oval. To drop off your baggage be wearing your race bib as this will act as your identification. On collection of your baggage you will need to supply the attendant with your bib number.


The Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park offers a child feed and change tent for parents. This tent will provide you with a comfortable place to tend to your children’s needs.


An information booth is located in the Registration Area on Bill Paterson Oval.


Sunscreen will be provided at the event.


On completion of your event, you will be welcomed into the Finisher’s Area by our friendly volunteers. Here you will receive fruit and water to assist with your recovery.


Photos will be available to view and purchase 48 hours after the event. A link will be sent out to you. A portion of the sales of the photos will be donated back to the cause.


Dogs and pets are not permitted on the course unless they are a service dog. Pets are permitted in the Event Precinct.